Datsun 240Z

1971 Datsun 240z in Need of restoration. Was a LHD import from the States but someone has gathered up all the bits to convert it. It will need a full resto but its fairly solid What you see in the pics is what comes with it. 

Ford Falcon 4.0 UTE

2004 Ford Falcon Ute which was imported a number of years ago from Australia. Fully UK registered and will come with a years MOT. Its done 130,000 kms which is about 80 k miles. It a 4.0 Straight Six which has been remapped for a little but more power and for the UK climate. It runs and drives spot on and sounds awesome as it has twin stainless exhausts. The body is very straight and looks really good. Its solid underneath. It has partial service history with the last owner servicing it himself regularly.  

Ford Escort 1600 Sport

Ford Escort 1600 Sport. RHD Import from South Africa with all tax and duty paid. Nova declaration has been done. Very good survivor car which has never been welded or botched up. Will need MOTd then UK registered. We can assist with the registration process when the time comes. We do these all the time so please dont worry about getting it registered.

Escort Mk2 2 Door

Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Sport Restoration Project. RHD Import from South Africa with all tax and duty paid. Nova declaration has been done. Rough looking car but a fairly solid shell thats not been welded from end to end previously. Good basis for a project. Will need UK registered but if you buy it we will assist at every step of the registration process.

Ford Cortina Mk1 2 Door

Ford Cortina Mk1 1500 2 Door, Pre Airflow model which is RHD and recently imported from South Africa. It will need UK registered but we can help you with this process as we do them all the time. Fairly solid car which has great potential. Car starts runs and drives but will benefit from a good check over .

Escort Mk2 Van

1977 MK2 Ford Escort 1.6 Van. Extremely Solid Original van imported from South Africa. All tax and duty paid, NOVA has been done and UK reg has been applied for. Van is tax and MOT exempt and starts runs and drives. 

Ford Escort Mk1

Ford Escort Mk1 2 Door in need of restoration. Good basis for a project as its fairly solid. Its RHd and all tax and duty has been paid and the NOVA declaration has been done. It will need Uk registered but we can do that for you if you buy it as all the paperwork is in order to allow us to register it.


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